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Cannabis With A Silver Lining

High-quality boutique cannabis flower cultivated with intention, integrity, and an artistic touch. Building a bridge between recreation and wellness with an emphasis on creativity. Providing consumers unrivaled cannabis that is responsibly grown.

Nimbus Premium Sativa Flower in Orange branded Jar
Nimbus Premium Indica Flower in purple branded Jar
Nimbus Premium Hybrid Flower in Turquoise branded Jar

Our flower collection

We strive to inspire creativity, encourage responsible decompression, and reimagine community rituals through consumer-driven ideals and products.

Our collection is carefully curated to help guide you on your next journey, be it inside the studio or outside exploring.

Nimbus inspires you to approach the familiar with fresh eyes.

Our cannabis flower encourages mindfulness, unlocking the creative mind and helping you appreciate the subtle nuances of everyday life. It isn’t about escaping reality; it’s about heightening your awareness of others and the beauty of the natural world.

With psychoactive experiences as powerful as they are thought-provoking, Nimbus helps you harvest your creative potential.

Know Your Strains & Choose Your Own Adventure

One of the most cherished characteristics of cannabis is its ability to deliver diverse effects, depending on the strain. At Nimbus, we nurture strains with unique genetic lineages. Our indicas, sativas, and hybrids are the perfect catalyst for indoor creativity or outdoor exploration.

They’ll help you shift your mindframe and context, reorienting your thoughts so that you can accomplish tasks and achieve your goals.

Two Nimbus Premium Sativa Flower in Orange branded Jar


Uplifting and energetic, with a spark that brightens your day and engages your mind.


Purple Haze x Mango Thai

Large pointed flowers shimmering with glitter backdropped by a crimson to deep green ombré


Unwind at the end of the day, relax your body while lifting your spirits.

Lavender Sorbet

GSC x Pink Lavender

Dense and glittery with silver and purple highlights, these flowers grow large with a knobby structure

Two Nimbus Premium Indica Flower in purple branded Jars
Two Nimbus Premium Hybrid Flower in Turquoise branded Jar


Euphoric and expansive, indulge the journey with the best of both worlds.

Berry Fizz

Thin Mint GSC x Sunset Sherbert

Rainbow in color, this flower has every hue from purple to orange and green, round frizzy nugs dusted in sugar

Our Cannabis Flower

Cannabis Plants inside an indoor cultivation facility

Nimbus cultivates a selection of unique strains with equally unique flavors and effects, allowing you to customize your experience to match your intentions and expectations.

But that wouldn’t mean anything if we didn’t grow it with care and precision! We don’t use any pesticides at Nimbus, just the highest quality inputs to ensure that you experience cannabis flower in its purest form each and every time.

Our cannabis flower is distinct and memorable, presenting an array of vibrant colors from deep greens with flaming orange and red hairs to vibrant purples and bright blues. The dynamic visuals and intense fragrances of our buds are the result of our adherence to best practices in cannabis genetics and sustainable growing.

Nimbus cultivars are propagated exclusively from tissue culture.

Our cultivation technique combines the benefit of consistency inherent in cloning and the plant’s natural vigor that comes from flowering from seed. While this process has been used historically throughout agriculture, it represents major evolution in cannabis.

Cannabis tissue culture:

This process can eliminate pathogens and pest pressure and increase cannabinoids. With tissue culture, Nimbus is able to maintain a clean, controlled environment. Tissue culture provides more uniformity and consistency, making it easy to stand by every jar of flower.

our impact

The Nimbus Way means constantly striving for purity, quality, and consistency. Remarkable cannabis isn’t the only “green” we’re after; we also care deeply about how we impact the environment, which is why we lead the charge of “going green” in the industry. We utilize hydroponic and ecologically friendly systems not only to ensure that our cannabis flower is pristine, but to help minimize its carbon footprint. The energy we use comes from 100% renewable sources, including wind, hydroelectric, and solar.

When you experience cannabis from Nimbus, you’ll join generations of seekers who have found artistic inspiration in this humble plant. We want you to step out of the box and explore your surroundings with an open mind and an invigorated spirit. But we also want you to share in our enthusiasm for being good stewards for the planet, leaving it a bit better than we found it through dedicated conservation and sustainable practices.

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